What the heck’s a Chupacabra?

Today I thought we’d deviate from the vampire/werewolf paranormals and go into something strange but fun. Bet you’ve heard of a chupacabra! So, what the heck is it?

Wikipedia's version of a chupacabra
Wikipedia’s version of a chupacabra


Well, it translates to “goat sucker.” It’s a vampire derivative that has hairy arms, glowing red eyes, and spiny appendages. Depending on the legend, there’s sometimes scales, claws, or bat-like wings. Creepy, huh?

Of course, sightings of the chupacabra are relatively recent, especially when compared to other vampiric legends. The earliest documented sightings were in 1995.

Dangerous, really?

The myth comes out of Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other Central American countries. It’s normal victims are chickens, cats, and of course, goats. Of course, skeptics maintain that injuries supposedly caused by chupacabras are constant with wild dog kills.

How’s this important?

Apart from the cool factor of a blood sucking, goat hunting, spiny little critter that may or may not be real? Dude, the story potential!

If you need more info, the wikipedia site is here. Or, you can check out this and other cool vampiric myths in The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead. And, as always, share the heck out of this post so we can all have a fun laugh at the expense of a goat-blood-sucking creepy-crawly of the night.


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