A Business Check In

So, almost a year ago, I posted this post called A Comment on Business. In it, I described some of my future someday dreams and how my writing career was going.

Today, I thought I’d check in. I’ve done a LOT of researching on book sales and marketing, yet I still consider myself something of a rookie. But I did move forward this year, and I have a steady income from books. Granted, it probably doesn’t even hit triple digest per month, but hey, it’s better than this time last year!

I’ve gotten more serious about selling books. I have three currently published and one more coming next month. Yay! Plus a few more that will releaseĀ in 2015. So, on the writing front, I’m growing.

But on the business side? Well, it’s a lot harder than we want to believe when we publish our first book. Writing is hard. But business is harder. Sales and marketing are harder yet.

I’d never be as far as I am today without the support of the awesome Rave Reviews Book Club. So that’s a plus. They’ve bought, read, and reviewed my books which helps boost sales. They also talk them up on social media and with friends. We support each other’s dreams, and I’m thankful for that.

But there’s still more! Always more. Contacting billions of bloggers to see if they will read, review, and advertise my book takes forever. Checking into other advertising venues is time consuming. Then there’s the decisions on which ones to pay for, since I have a limited budget and I want the most for my money.

Oh, not to mention I’m currently living in Ecuador (although not for long!)! So I’m not even around people that might buy the book because its in the wrong language for anyone down here. So all my advertising has to be able to be done from a distance or through emails. Yeah, complicated.

But I won’t give up. I’ve seen the business grow over the last year, and I’m going to keep after it. I’m so excited to be an author, and I won’t ever give it up. No matter how hard business really is.


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