Review Policy

What I Read

I love reading paranormal fantasy, and that’s why I started writing it! If you’re a paranormal or urban fantasy writer, I’d love to read your book and give you some helpful critiques or a good review. I normally post reviews to Amazon and Goodreads, as these are my primary sources for good books. However, I’m flexible if you don’t sell your book via Amazon. I also post them to my blog, to increase visibility.

Outside of those, I will read some romances (if they have a plot beyond “oh look, he’s hott, I must have him”), some sci-fi (if it sounds interesting), crime and mystery novels, and a lot of fantasy (both urban and traditional). I’m more likely to read a YA than a sweeping romance, just FYI. That’s just my personal preference.

However, I don’t read erotica or anything with more sex than plot. I know a lot of paranormal is romance, and I’m okay with that. But it still needs a plot line :). I also don’t read many westerns, anything with too much technical descriptions, or much non-fiction.

Submit your Request

Email me to talk about reviewing your book. Please include:

  • Name of the book and author (if not you)
  • Description of the book (and maybe a link to amazon for sample chapters)
  • A little about you (a Goodreads or Facebook/Twitter link and your website would be a great start)
  • Optional: Why you think I’ll love the book (a great character, a unique supernatural creature, whatever you love about it)

Other Questions or Comments

For anything else, please send me an email at and I’ll get back to you in a few days about whether I’ll read your book.

Can’t wait to hear from you!