Amazons, Warrior Women

The Amazons are a race of warrior woman from Greek mythology.

The Origin

The original Amazons were said to live in what is now Turkey, but was then Pontus. They were their own culture, society, and kingdom under their queen Hippolyta. They moved a bit, later in their history. However, wherever they went, they had intense names: Androktones, killers of men, or Antianeirai, those who fight like men.

The Myth

This is an all woman culture we’re talking about, no men allowed. Which, of course, caused some problems with making a next generation. Apparently, once a  year, Amazons would venture out into nearby tribes and attempt to get pregnant. Male children were killed or sent back to their fathers. Female children became the next generation of Amazon women.

Amazons make some fun appearances in Greek stories, and are depicted in their art. The Iliad references this mysterious group of female fighters. Queen Myrine led her Amazons to victory against Libya and much of Gorgon, which might be familiar names. They are also heard of in the time of Alexander the Great, when some of the king’s biographers make mention of Amazon Queen Thalestris visiting him.

The Story

So if you’re in need of a fierce warrior race to populate your novel with ladies of courage and strength, you might look at an Amazon woman. There’s quite a bit of creative license available here, since Amazons aren’t currently the popular paranormal choice. Have fun.

If you’re a female fighter yourself or you know of one, might want to share this post with your favorite femme fatal just to show how awesome she is. As a warrior woman myself, or I like to think I am, you can share on behalf of me. Chose your favorite social media and have some fun. Cheers!


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