A Comment on Business

So, I’ve been doing some things to try and expand the business section of my writing career so that when my book comes out, I’m ready for it. This includes my email subscription (which you can sign up for! and please do!) as well as the financial side of things. There’s a lot more to business than is immediately obvious in the first glimpse. I knew that, but I’m relearning it.

But what really does make a good business strategy? I mean, I grew up with business savvy parents, so some of the more basic elements of business are so ingrained in my head that I wouldn’t be me without them. Stuff like how to track finances, how to organize, how to manage time. But there’s a lot more questions to start asking. Like, do I incorporate or do I stay private for now? Should my book business get its own bank account? What’s the best way to track inventory and ship product?¬†How expensive is my book? How many copies do I order? How do I take credit cards online?

See, there’s a crazy amount of stuff to learn, and I’m trying. I really am trying to become more marketable, more visible, more savvy. But it’s been an interesting ride. I’ve got some reading material on businesses, especially writing businesses, that I’m working into my spare time. However, my spare time isn’t what it used to be! I’ve got to be careful because I’m starting to cram too much onto my plate all at once and I’ll never be able to finish it all. Even now, I have two more weeks of my semester of classes, my Baker Hughes classes and presentation, and my writing all without delving into any details on top of my MWD work.

What I have learned, though, is to set goals and to always have a vision. What’s my vision of my ideal day? Well, that would include a lot more time at home, a flexible schedule, large chunks of time to set aside for writing, and a fully stocked kitchen to stay healthy. It would include hobbies like martial arts, motorcycles, and reading. It would eliminate the need for an office job. That’s my future someday. So for now, my goals have to be to ace my classes, move up in the BHI structure, and keep carving out small chucks of time for writing. I have to work towards a May publication date for Havoc’s Cry, and an August publication date for Archangel’s Salvation.

And throughout all that, I have to squeeze in gluten-free cooking, MWD surveys, and driving between ND and WY. I’m probably going to go crazy, but this is who I am and I’m not letting go of my dreams just because I’m having trouble with my start up business.



  1. I love this post, more people need to have goals than set smaller goals that set them up to accomplish their long term ones.In order to accomplish your goals you need to fail here and there

    1. Tim,
      Thanks for your encouragement. I’ve found setting smaller goals and then reaching them allows for greater progress. When we set too large of goals and fail to reach them in a timely manner, we get discouraged and give up.
      So, forward ho! Let’s check off those smaller goals one by one and find that we really did reach the larger one anyway!

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