5 Office Workouts in Under 5 Minutes

Guy At DeskYou need a quick boost to get you through the day. Here’s five mini-workouts you can do in under five minutes throughout your day without leaving your office or cubicle.

Sit Up Straight

Oddly, this is a terribly easy one we never really do. Concentrate on sitting up straight more often. Make yourself a sticky note. Add a back pillow to your chair. Whatever it takes.

When you sit up straight, not only is it good for your back, but you’re engaging the muscles of your core (your abs) and your lats (big muscle in your middle back).

Stand Instead of Sitting

Talking on the phone? Practicing a presentation?

Stand up instead of sitting down. Obviously, this doesn’t work for anything on the computer. But standing engages more of the muscles in the legs, back, and core than sitting does. Wander around your office aimlessly if you have room.

Leg Lifts Under the Desk

Put both feet on the floor. Lift one leg to knee height. Place back on the floor. Do the other side.

Ouch, right? Do it 10 times and you’re really burning. Repeat often for great looking legs. You can even do it and type at the same time (I am, right now).

Water Bottle Curls

Keeping a water bottle on your desk is awesome for your water drinking goals (which helps with weight loss, if you were wondering). And that walk to the bathroom is great for your body and your mind.

But you can also do a little arm curl when you need a momentary pause. Hold your bottle. Straighten your arm down by your side. Curl up to your shoulder. Go down. Go up. 10 times. Switch arms.

That water bottle didn’t feel so heavy five minutes ago, did it?

Chair Twists

Sit straight at the front of your chair, clasping your hands in front of you. Twist to the side, touching your hands to the side of your chair. Go the other way. That’s one. Repeat 10 times.

I’m feeling it in my back. Those long muscles that reach from your shoulder blades to your hips. That’s your lats engaging (they’ve got a longer latin name, but who can remember that). Feeling it in your sides? Those are your obliques (the short version). That’s what kills your ‘muffin top’ and helps support the core and ab workouts you do at home.

Now You!

Your turn! Have fun and feel strong. Let me know if you’ve got any questions on any of these!


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